I’m collecting stories of strange coincidences and theiroldfaith possible meanings. Here’s my favorite.

I was having lunch with a couple from Lake Tahoe and asked how they met. Chuck answered, “We met in college in Nevada in 1968. “ I commented on how strange that seemed since his wife, Jacki, is three years his senior and they are from different parts of the country. Turns out that isn’t really where their story begins. I’ll let Chuck explain.

“After 30 years of marriage we were talking about our childhood vacations. We knew we had both vacationed in Yellowstone but didn’t know the exact dates. We discovered –with the help of our mothers –that when I was 11-years-old and living in Omaha and Jacki was 14 and living in San Diego, we had both possibly vacationed in Yellowstone at the same time.

I was in possession of our old family vacation slides and found 36 of the Yellowstone trip. One of the photos I took included another family: Jacki, her parents, siblings, and grandmother.”

Top that! There are those who believe there are no coincidences. I’m not sure. But I’d love to hear your stories. We all seem to have them.