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I was just settling down to write when I heard a voice on the radio say weather would be turning nasty in an hour. So I strapped on my Asics and headed out to absorb the final hour of the most perfect Midwestern autumn in memory.

A couple weeks ago we shut down the screened-in porch – always one of the saddest days of the year for me. When we built it we were advised by any number of wise contractors, real estate agents, and architects to make it a year-round porch with insulation and windows for added resale value. I […]

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I’ve always followed the rules.  I say that not with pride but with a certain amount of regret.

So when (15 years ago) I toured Leonardo da Vinci’s living quarters at Chateau du Clos Luce and broke a rule with premeditation but no malice, it was a big deal. As I exited his bedroom I laid my hands on his dresser drawers. I touched the very places where da Vinci’s hands had touched. If there was even one molecule of his genius mojo embedded in that wood, I wanted to make contact.

Fast forward 15 years to Concord, Massachusetts. The Old […]

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NOVEL: A fictitious prose narrative of book length

Why is that so hard to grasp? When I read a favorite author (Elizabeth Berg comes to mind) it is difficult to imagine that she is not writing about herself. Berg insists she is not her characters but I never believed her – until I wrote Dead Behind The Eyes.

I have been asked numerous times if I am Claudia. I am not. But no one believes me. I have found myself in a few similar circumstances but that is as far as it goes. I have walked in other characters’ shoes from time to time but I’m not any […]

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Readers and writers often ask about the routine and art of writing. Dorothy Parker’s oft quoted, “I hate to write but love having written,” seems to strike a cord with many writers. That feels pretty close but not exactly right to me.

When writing Dead Behind The Eyes I adhered to a routine I came to love. Every day began with 20 minutes of Yoga and the brewing of a pot of excellent coffee (Graffeo Dark). Coffee, laptop, and huge straw tote filled with all my writing tools were carried to the screened-in porch where I forced myself to dig […]

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Monday, July 14th is the first Digital Book Day. A day to celebrate readers, stories, and the authors who create them.

That’s correct! FREE digital downloads of hundreds of bestselling authors for 1 day! It’s pretty simple: Books  will be free on Monday, July 14th at  all you have to do is visit DIGITAL BOOK DAY.COM to download hundreds of bestselling authors books. Mystery, thriller, historical, romance, non-fiction and many, many more. If you’re a reader like I am, what could be better than this?

Please, please share this with any review site/blog/book club/writers group that you know!

BUT remember, the links won’t be […]

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What better way to clear the mind than intense physical exertion? Husband, John, and I travelled to Jackson, Wyoming for four solid days of hiking in The Grand Tetons. Weather was perfect and the scenery so gorgeous it was surreal.

I’ve learned that when inspiration strikes I need to get to the closest pen and paper fast or run the risk of a great idea evaporating, never to return.

On day three we were five miles up the trail when the beginning pages and the final page of my next novel came barreling into my brain. I told John to turn […]

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I love bookstores. I really love independent bookstores. I really, really love The Bookworm in Countryside Village, Omaha, NE. It’s a terrific, pet- friendly, locally owned bookstore that is to readers what the general store once was to the rural community – everything but the pickle barrel. The warm and knowledgeable owner and staff hosted the launch of Dead Behind The Eyes on a rainy Thursday evening.

New York Times best selling author, Alex Kava, interviewed me in front of a capacity crowd of readers and friends. Publisher, Deb Carlin, of Prairie Wind Publishing pulled it all together. It went […]

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February 1 thru May 1
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to live at the beach. At first I said I would live on any beach in any climate.   With time I amended that to a beach where I could swim in the ocean without a wetsuit for at least a few months. I wasted many a realtor’s weekend investigating little run down houses and condos well out of our price range.

Then the market crashed. We decided it was now or never. That’s how we came to own a little spot on a barrier island in […]

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I debated writing Dead Behind The Eyes as a screenplay. It contains some meaty roles for women. Some strong, others not so much. But writing a novel allowed me to develop the characters in a way a screenplay could not. Still, I couldn’t help but plug actors’ faces into my writing.

I love the movies. Or, do I mean films? Is there a difference, save pretention? I especially love those I deem “Sundancey” –movies that focus on story, characters, and sense of place rather than car crashes and graphic body mutilation. Movies (and books) that fall into that category include, […]

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