I love bookstores. I really love independent bookstores. I really, really love The Bookworm in Countryside Village, Omaha, NE. It’s a terrific, pet- friendly, locally owned bookstore that is to readers what the general store once was to the rural community – everything but the pickle barrel. The warm and knowledgeable owner and staff hosted the launch of Dead Behind The Eyes on a rainy Thursday evening.

New York Times best selling author, Alex Kava, interviewed me in front of a capacity crowd of readers and friends. Publisher, Deb Carlin, of Prairie Wind Publishing pulled it all together. It went well and I hope it is just the start of a long, successful run.

But real rewards are usually not monetary. I try to be thoughtful (latest axiom I’m working on is, “If you have the opportunity to be right or kind, be kind.”). I was raised right. I RSVP in a timely manner, write prompt thank you notes, and try to genuinely give of myself to friends going through tough times.

But publishing Dead Behind The Eyes has resulted in emails, notes, postcards, etc. of good wishes from friends old and new, people who were friends long ago in my childhood, and people I haven’t met. All the kind expressions have caught me off guard and profoundly touched me. How often have you thought positive, supportive thoughts but not taken the time to deliver them? I certainly have. But that’s going to change. I resolve to send words of love and support not just in hard times but in good times, as well. Celebrate the now!