Monday, July 14th is the first Digital Book Day. A day to celebrate readers, stories, and the authors who create them.

That’s correct! FREE digital downloads of hundreds of bestselling authors for 1 day! It’s pretty simple: Books  will be free on Monday, July 14th at  all you have to do is visit DIGITAL BOOK DAY.COM to download hundreds of bestselling authors books. Mystery, thriller, historical, romance, non-fiction and many, many more. If you’re a reader like I am, what could be better than this?

Please, please share this with any review site/blog/book club/writers group that you know!

BUT remember, the links won’t be live until MONDAY, July 14th—so that’s when you need  to visit the site, not before then – unless you just want to see what’s available…DEAD BEHIND THE EYES will be featured – you might consider “gift”ing it to a reader you know!