Readers and writers often ask about the routine and art of writing. Dorothy Parker’s oft quoted, “I hate to write but love having written,” seems to strike a cord with many writers. That feels pretty close but not exactly right to me.

When writing Dead Behind The Eyes I adhered to a routine I came to love. Every day began with 20 minutes of Yoga and the brewing of a pot of excellent coffee (Graffeo Dark). Coffee, laptop, and huge straw tote filled with all my writing tools were carried to the screened-in porch where I forced myself to dig in for a minimum of two hours. Telephones went unanswered. Emails unopened.

At one point I was certain I could never finish the book without a muse (dog) by my side. Eventually Shamus , a rescued Irish Wolfhound/Airedale mix, came into my life and the picture was complete. I finished Dead Behind The Eyes and felt proud to have written but I wouldn’t say I loved having written. Then it hit me.

I like the idea of being a writer more than actually being a writer.